Mermaid Scales

I saw a picture of a mermaid over the weekend and it inspired me to make mermaid nail art.

The colours I decided on using, simply put was a green, variations of blue and purple.
To begin, apply a base coat followed by a light green nail polish.

(sorry for low quality photos my camera died)

NK Nail Enamel. 087 Green

You don’t really need more than one coat since we are going to do a gradient effect. Just make sure that the top looks pretty.
Next  apply a blue polish to a make up sponge and dab it onto your nail, starting from the bottom go up.

Sinful Colors – Gorgeous

You could just use one blue colour and build up on it, but I decided to be difficult and use 3 😉

InColor by Jordana – Kiss and Teal

annnnnd more blue

Sinful Colors – Bottom of the Ocean

(Qtip dipped in nail polish remover necessary)
but I Obviously don’t take my own advice

Finish the gradient with a purple polish.

Sinful Colors – I LOVE YOU (such an appropriate name for purple polish ^.^)

At this point you would want to apply a glitter polish of some sort. I used an evanescent coloured glitter polish with tiny flakes but I would have rather used one with small to large flakes, since the world is in recession and we got no superheros to save you from nail polish debt you gotta use what you have.

(And yes that one white speck on my 1st nail is the glitter catching light) I swear it shows in real life! Thats it…. I’m going to create a nail polish super hero and make him/her my mascot.

Sinful Colors – Pearl Harbor

Mermaids have scales right? I used a dark blue here (yeah thats not black)
I didn’t want to put the scales on all of my nails because the gradient looked so pretty…
To get this look take a toothpick or nail art brush and make little U’s on the entire nail.

Sinful Colors – See you soon

Sometimes I wish that nail polish names were more logical :/
After having done that I applied another coat of my glitter polish and then a top coat.

A quick clean up and wa-la!
Done. Enjoy :3



Gorgeous – Sinful Colors

Product: Sinful Colors
Colour: Gorgeous (aka light blue)
Purchased @ pretty much anywhere, drug stores/ the mall… etc

Yup, here is another Sinful Polish. I can’t help buying them although they were bought by Revlon (not a fan of Revlon) If it’s not going to burn a hole in my wallet and has great results there’s no harm in buying it right?

Sinful Colors: Gorgeous




Trini nail art #2 !

I ventured to Wonderful World to pick up much needed polish. I ended up buying Black China Glaze, L.A Girl Dry Booster, L.A Girl Whitener & Smoother as well as a China Glaze nail polish remover (details on these products will be in a future post) The black polish dried really quickly, so fast that it dried on the stripe brush before the design was even completed, frustrated with it I called it a night.

Today it got a second chance, this time it was going to be the base color so when it dried it wouldn’t be a problem. I applied a thin coat and it cracked up before my eyes. Yeah, I spent $30 on the wrong nail polish 😐 What I bought was the crackle polish instead of regular formula 😐 Why nail polish companies put black text on a bottle that contains black polish is beyond me. *sigh*  So anywho my next few designs utilize this black crackle polish. Hope you like.

Step one!

Apply a base coat of your choice, and then paint your nails red!

Revlon Red 680

Step Two!

Allow it to dry and then break out your crackle polish and make one quick stroke from the bottom edge of your nail to the top in a diagonal line.
Like so:

China Glaze Black Mesh {Crackle Polish}

Step Three!

Using a dotting tool (or tooth pick or bobby pin) Dip it into silver polish and make three medium sized dots in the middle of the black stripe.

Polish to old to mention :/ upgrade needed.

Step Four!

Get your white polish and swipe directly under the black cracked line. Its much easier than it sounds, the black acts as a guide.
Your nails should now look like the image below.

Slik: White Point Blank

Now all you have to do is the optional glitter polish along the white and black area followed by a fast drying top coat then Wa-la! Done.

Hope you like!


Trini Nails: Day 1 Easy Plastic Marble Nails

In my last post it was announced that I will be posting nail art done in Trinidad and Tobago’s national colours every day until the 31st of August. However due to technical difficulties I started one day late *sad face*

This 1st post is pretty easy 🙂 In fact, it’s so easy you can do it using your non-dominant hand with a breeze 😀 I am a righty and did the entire thing using my left hand.
What you need:
1. Plastic wrap/bag
2. Nail polish (tchh duh)
3. Nail polish remover
4. Q-tips (optional. Only for cleaning up)
5. Tape (also optional so the polish wont get all over your skin.)

First, paint your nails red.

painted red like so.

Then put a blob of black polish on your nail

Add a second blob with another colour, in this case white

Don’t allow them to dry! Get you plastic and smudge, dab and smear your nails to your hearts content. It might take a bit until you can find a smudging method you like, but the point is to be messy with it.
In the end, you get this!

Perfect for next jouvert dont you think?